Who we are

GMI provides opportunities to secure, build and develop services for people who are disproportionately impacted by health and social inequalities and discrmination.

GMI history

In 2008, three agencies (METRO Charity, Positive East and Spectra) anchored in diverse communities in different geographical areas of London formed the GMI Partnership

GMI Partnership is underpinned by specialist expertise in HIV, sexual health and working with LGBTQ+ and Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (BAME) communities. This expertise is harnessed to deliver a wide range of models and services specialising in face to face activity, and engaging through outreach to marginalised, high-risk and under-served communities.

We are a Partnership with a collective history spanning 75 years, and a specific GMI history spanning a decade. Together we have been, are and will be an influential partnership that sets the tone, tenor and agenda across sexual wellbeing and sexual and gender equalities in London.

How we formed

In 2007, GMI Partnership formed in response to our belief that intensive interpersonal interventions, ‘narrowcasting’, is a more effective method to ensure change.

What we have achieved

By 2017, GMI is the largest provider of HIV prevention outreach in London, well grounded in partnering strategy and community relationship.

Future plans

We will work with others, and inspire and encourage them, to create a London which encompasses and champions the dazzling spectrum of human sexuality and gender, across ethnicity, age, class and faith.

The management of GMI is by the three Partner Organisations


We have a multi agencies management team behind the scene, looking after GMI’s governance and administration. These include the service management team, senior leadership team and the CEOs. Contact us to find out more about them.

GMI Key Milestones

Ever since the GMI partnership began, our collective teams have been working relentlessly across London to bring community outreach services to as many clients as possible. We felt it was important for you to see the key milestones in our journey to help understand our work.

Pre 2007

A London HIV prevention program has been in place for over a decade, focussed on central London and condom distribution


A commissioning process commences for a pan London HIV Prevention Programme (PLHPP) with a broad behavioural focus, including commissioning of counselling, mentoring, and health trainer and outreach interventions.

GMI Partnership formed in response to our belief that intensive interpersonal interventions, ‘narrowcasting’, was a more effective method to ensure change. This resonated with the vision embodied in the PLHPP commissioning specification


GMI secures the counselling, mentoring and health trainer/outreach contracts with PLHPP.

Each agency within GMI employs staff on a matrix model to deliver the PLHPP contracts, and in some cases Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment (TUPE) staff from other agencies – a total of 12 staff are employed.

GMI works with other partners and the PLHPP office to commence delivery across London.

GMI introduces the innovative BASK methodology to measure outcomes


GMI delivers the Caring with Confidence (CwC) Programme


National Election and change of government

GMI introduces iBASK methodologies


GMI delivers the Time to Test national HIV testing pilots through the Department of Health – the MSM Comparative Community HIV Testing (CCHT) Pilot and African Community Testing (ACT) Pilot.

PLHPP contracts are extended.

GMI produces first status report


Health Protection Agency: Time to Test evaluation report on HIV testing pilots Introduction of the Health and Social Care Act


GMI produces second status report. GMI commissioned by HPE to deliver HIV testing and outreach

Future plans


PLHPP undertakes review of services and reports to London Councils that a newly commissioned pan-London program should focus on campaigning, outreach and condom distribution


PLHPP becomes London HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP) and Do It London is born

LHPP commissions HIV prevention interventions, including outreach and condom distribution, which GMI successfully bids for in partnership with Freedoms

GMI is the largest provider of HIV prevention outreach in London

GMI works closely with Do It London to deliver city wide Do It London campaigns supported by outreach


GMI commences HIV testing as part of its outreach in gay commercial venues

GMI funded by Public Health England (PHE) to deliver a PrEP Champions Project in partnership with Prepster

GMI adjusts its BASK tool to include questions on chemsex and partnership with AfterParty

Commissioned by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) to undertake outreach in Camden and Islington


The PrEP Impact Trial commences in England

City Bridge Trust funds GMI to extend its remit from HIV to sexual and reproductive health and LGBTQ+ equalities

Poster presentation at British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) in Belfast

GMI appoints a special Project Manager to lead its strategic change programme


London becomes an HIV Fast Track City

Poster presentation at the Fourth Joint Conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) with the BASHH, in Edinburgh

GMI appoints Development Manager to drive new strategic mission


Develop new GMI strategy plan. LHPP awards GMI the new contract to continue HIV prevention interventions service in London, in partnership with Freedom and LoveTank.


Elton John Foundation funds GMI for enhanced HIV support which links and retains HIV patients in care.

Fast Track City funds GMI to provide mobile testing service.

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