Vision, Mission & Values

In all aspects of our GMI work we pursue our mission, vision and values to deliver consistently better services to our communities.

Delivered over 4,400 sessions in more than 150 venues. Engaged with more than 500,000 people during the outreach sessions

We help funders to reach communities by outreach sessions to increase their engagements, providing result driven outcomes. All under the scrutiny of detailed quantitative reporting and policy frameworks.

GMI Mission

To provide high quality, holistic sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing services to people and communities with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Through GMI’s enduring partnership, we challenge norms and recognise intersectionality in London, by modelling and championing services, and encouraging others to do the same.

GMI Vision

A London where people’s health and wellbeing is valued and championed regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The GMI value

FAIRER - Friendly, Aspirational, Inclusive, Respect, Excellence and Responsive - to all its services users, partners (both internal and external), collaborators, funders, staff and volunteers.


  • We will cooperate with all to provide the best services for our communities and stakeholders.
  • We will foster both a social and professional environment for staff and volunteers


  • We will be forward thinking and make decisions that will enable us to be leaders within the sector
  • We will strive to always be curious about the needs of our communities and ambitious about their potential
  • We will continually promote staff involvement and well-being by empowering, supporting and encouraging them


  • We will challenge exclusion, ensuring that no one is left behind
  • We will celebrate difference and diversity within our communities and ensure involvement of all when designing and delivering our programmes


  • We will honour commitments and provide an equal service to all
  • We will value opinions and ideas of clients, staff, volunteers and partners
  • We will listen attentively and be non-judgemental, treating others as we would like to be treated
  • We will be fair and honest in all our actions


  • We will provide value for money by delivering efficient, cost-effective services
  • We will shine because of our passion and commitment to quality
  • Learning from the challenges we encounter, we will continually improve our offer


  • We will respond proactively to the emerging needs of the sector through an asset-based approach
  • We will listen to our staff, volunteers, clients and partners and adapt our practices accordingly

We are expert in outreach and engaging communities

  • Sexual Relationships & Health
  • LGBTQ+
  • HIV
  • Public Health
  • Events
  • Outreach

Why people love GMI

Why people love GMI

GMI is the most incredible organisation. The staff are amazing, Saving lives and those lives live to tell their story to the world! They saved my husband here. I could not be more grateful!

Alvin Simon Service user