Turkey and Pakistan Nationality Agreement

April 7, 2022 3:28 pm


“Last week, the Turkish ambassador asked the interior minister to discuss issues of common interest,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Aisha Farooqui told Arab News. “During the interaction, the issue of dual nationality was also raised.” If Pakistan and Turkey successfully sign the dual nationality agreement, Pakistan`s businessmen and real estate investors who wish to expand their businesses will benefit from the agreement. According to the statement, the Turkish ambassador, on behalf of his government, proposed that the two countries sign an agreement to allow their citizens dual citizenship. Pakistan said on Thursday that a plan to sign an agreement with Turkey on granting dual citizenship to citizens of two countries was under consideration. Pakistani authorities plan to sign an agreement with Turkey that will allow nationals of both countries to have dual citizenship. The statement was made during a meeting between Pakistani Home Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah and Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan`s foreign ministry confirmed on Saturday that the country, in cooperation with Turkey, is preparing a draft agreement to grant dual citizenship to citizens of both countries. The Turkish ambassador suggested that the two countries reach an agreement to allow dual citizenship for Turkish and Pakistani citizens, respectively. The Minister of the Interior replied that the draft agreement was under consideration and that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was familiar with the initiative.

With regard to dual nationality, some countries allow their citizens to have dual nationality and others restrict it. Pakistan allows its citizens to have dual citizenship with 19 countries without renouncing their Pakistani citizenship. If the agreement is signed, Turkey will be the 20th country where Pakistani nationals will be able to apply for dual citizenship. Turkey and Pakistan are considering a plan to facilitate the granting of dual citizenship to citizens of both countries, which would mean a significant improvement in relations. Pakistan plans to sign an agreement with Turkey that will make it easy for Pakistanis to acquire Turkish citizenship and vice versa. The deal is a win-win situation for both countries, especially Pakistan, which is currently surrounded by political instability, economic crises and businesses facing a slowdown for various reasons. The Turkish ambassador, on behalf of his government, proposed to the two countries to sign an agreement on the idea of giving citizens dual citizenship, the statement added. If the citizens of Pakistan and Turkey could obtain each other`s citizenship and dual passport, it would be the biggest bilateral milestone in the history of the two young nations and greatly improve their already strong relations. Earlier this month, Pakistan extended the deadline for Turkey to deliver domestically manufactured T129 attack helicopters, which have been delayed due to sanctions imposed on Turkey by the United States.

In May last year, Pakistan also added Turkey to its visa-free travel list, jostling for tourism and business in between. “In response, the Interior Minister said that the project is under review and the Foreign Ministry is at our side, we hope to reach a common conclusion soon,” the statement said. Citizens of Pakistan or other foreigners who meet any of the following criteria may be eligible for Turkish citizenship: When the move was proposed by Yurdakul, Shah replied that the bill was “under consideration” and that “we hope to reach a common conclusion soon,” according to the Interior Ministry. It was encouraging to know about the largest Turkish consulate in Karachi,” said Minister Shah, “and we will provide all the support we need to ensure the timely operation of the building.” Pakistan`s interior minister was also informed that the Turkish consulate, which is under construction in the southern city of Karachi, is the largest in the world from Turkey. Ijaz Ahmad Shah also encouraged mutual training programs and upgrades of law enforcement equipment, carried out hand in hand with Turkish colleagues. If you want to get Turkish citizenship and passport, let us guide you through the Overseas Citizenship by Investment program. Protect your family`s future by investing in a second passport and discover a world of possibilities, book a free consultation with our multilingual team of consultants today. Yurdakul also told the minister that the Turkish president would soon visit Pakistan. The most popular way to get citizenship is to buy real estate in Turkey. In addition, the minimum length of stay is not required to apply.

Also, living in Turkey is not mandatory to apply. Applicants must purchase properties worth at least $250,000. They can only have one or more properties, but it is necessary to apply them all at the same time. After 3 years with a Turkish passport, you can sell your properties and keep the passport. The requirements for a Turkish passport are the same for all nations. Pakistani, Russian, Afghan and Azerbaijani citizens can obtain Turkish citizenship after the required steps. According to a recent statement from the Interior Ministry, Federal Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmad Shah met with Turkish Ambassador Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul and decided to cooperate and strengthen bilateral relations. Related article: How to apply for a second citizenship in Europe? He also told the minister that the Turkish consulate in Karachi, which is still under construction, is the largest his country has built in the world. . “The Interior Minister welcomed the initiative to introduce a patrol force in cooperation with the ICT police according to the dolphin force model introduced in Lahore,” the statement said. “The interior minister welcomed the initiative to create a patrol force in cooperation with the ICT police [Islamabad Capital Territory] according to the dolphin force model introduced in Lahore,” the ministry`s statement reads, referring to the elite security forces in Punjab province, which were launched in 2016 and were partly trained by Turkey.

combat street crime and ensure security around the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. (CPEC). . . . In fact, one of the best benefits that a real estate investment can offer in addition to lucrative returns is to get residency and citizenship with investment, as is the case with Turkey. Turkish citizenship allows wealthy individuals to travel visa-free, have access to world-class healthcare, quality education and business opportunities for themselves and their families. . There are several ways to get a Turkish passport, such as buying real estate in Turkey, investing, marrying a Turkish citizen, investing in employment, and giving birth immediately in Turkey. Being married to Turks is not enough to obtain Turkish citizenship, there is an obligation to stay married for at least three years. You can start your own business or invest in a company registered in Turkey and employ 50 people.

The plan, announced yesterday, was revealed during a meeting between Pakistani Home Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah and Turkey`s ambassador to Pakistan, Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul. Shah also expressed his condolences to the ambassador for the losses caused by the recent earthquake. Yurdakul also pointed out to Shah that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Pakistan in the near future and Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu will visit the country in February to discuss other issues with Shah. ISLAMABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan said on Monday that it was “unlikely” that US President-elect Joe Biden and his administration would mediate in the Kashmir conflict. “For now, it is unlikely that [for the United States] mediators, but we will continue to engage the United States to play a constructive role in ending the crackdown in Kashmir,” President Khan told Arab News. He added that the issue had recently been raised three times in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). “Given that the U.S. is a major player, we expect the U.S. not to block any further meetings there. [Instead] he should show leadership and help the Security Council resolve the Kashmir issue,” Khan said. Citing his experience working with President Donald Trump`s administration, which was “not very reassuring,” Khan said Trump said “he would mediate in Kashmir, but nothing happened.” “At the time he uttered these words, they were refuted by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs … “He [Trump] gave the impression that [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi had pushed him to do so, but Mr. Modi and his representatives said he had not made such an offer or proposal.

So there are also experiences from the past,” Khan said. In a statement on Saturday, Khan said Washington could play a crucial role in resolving the issue between India and Pakistan because it is “an influential member” of the UN Security Council. .

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